Communities are a place to build relationships with others from the church who are in a similar stage of life and to receive biblical teaching. It’s a great place to start in getting to know people from the church. Most of our communities meet Sunday morning and consist of 20-40 people. There may be some overlap, so feel free to attend the community in which you are most comfortable (for example, if you’re in your late 20’s but you’re single, you may choose to attend the 20/30’s community or the Single Adults Community.

Communities offered on Sunday mornings:

Middle School | 9:45am, Room 210
High School | 9:45am, Room 213
20/30’s | 9:45am, Room 207
35+ | 9:45am or 11:15am, Room 214
Single Adults| 11:15am, Room 213
Senior Adults | 9:45am, Rooms 211 & 212