Worship & Creative Arts

Thrive: A Night for Creatives

Are you a photographer, musician, artist, writer, poet, woodworker, maker, crafter, or “techie”? Then this night is for you!

Come and connect with like-minded Christ followers and hear Pastor Ian talk about getting involved in creative arts at Sugar Grove Church and making things happen.

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Videography Workshop

Sat., Oct. 20 | 2pm–6pm

“Learn the craft of capturing moments by using techniques and creativity to tell a story that moves people to action.”

Workshop will cover:

  1. Basics of working with camera equipment and utilizing the environment around you.
  2. Methods to recording using images, lights, sounds and characters.
  3. Opportunities to sharpen your skills.
  4. Researching, storing, archiving and learning from online resources.

Acting Workshop

Mon. & Tues., Nov. 12 & 13 | 6pm-9pm

“A safe place to start, learn, practice, and thrive in the art of acting”

Workshop will cover:

A range of skills from physical expressiveness to voice projecting and demonstrating how to analyze and understanding scripts, this workshop is a practical guide to the art of acting, from learning various methods, fundamentals, techniques, character development, movement, and emotional awareness. This comprehensive workshop is designed for actors in all media – theater television and film. Participants will be challenged in their spiritual walk, acting perspective, their comfort levels, and inspired to try a variety of approaches and techniques as they learn their craft.

Filmmaking Masterclass

Sat., Nov. 17 | 8am to 6pm

“Develop the art of storytelling throughout the medium of videos”

Workshop will cover:

  1. Develop your style, channeling your influences and discovering the process.
  2. Learn directing and technology, and working with scripts and actors.
  3. Engage with production, costume, prop and set design for telling the story.

Collective Facebook Group

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (ESV)

The Sugar Grove Collective is a safe place online for creatives to share their original work for peer review, as well as ask questions, share inspiration or creative struggles, and offer encouragement to other creatives in the Christian community.

The Source

We offer some free training tools and resources to those involved in creative arts at Sugar Grove Church. These tools are made available to help you improve your skills and align with the vision of our creative arts ministry.