What is the General Fund?

Our general fund is where we invest your tithes & offerings in the ministries of Sugar Grove Church. This fund covers our ministry expenses, missionary support &  our operating costs throughout the year.

What is the Playground Fund?

Sugar Grove is pursuing the installation of an outdoor playground for SG Kids. Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 in order to move forward with this project.

What is the Beyond Fund?

In 2018, we paid-off our mortgage—3 years early! Financial gifts can continue to be given to this fund, as we will put it towards future growth initiatives.

What is the Poland Fund?

In 2017, we began a partnership with missionaries in Poland to help churches get equipment, training, and network with other churches to reach their communities for Christ more effectively. Click to learn more:

What is the Nepal Fund?

In 2018, Sugar Grove Church raised money for anti-trafficking overseas. Click to learn more: