If you're planning an event for Sugar Grove Church...

There are two forms you need to fill-out: a Facility Request and a Communication Request (in that order). Please note that we reserve the right to edit the content submitted on any of these forms as we see fit (particularly in regards to how your event/need is communicated).

If you're planning a wedding...

Click over to the bottom of our Marriage Page where you can download the Wedding Guidebook PDF and both the Bride & Groom can fill-out the appropriate Preliminary Wedding Questionnaires.

Facility Request

(Step 1 if requesting on-site use of facility for a church or ministry event)

Start here for any event, bible study, etc.
$50 “Facility Use Fee” for personal events for non-members must be dropped at the church office in order for reservation to be valid (does not include set-up, decoration, or clean-up). If you want the Facility Maintenance Team to set up and clean up, a $45/hour fee will be assessed. The Facility Use Fee is waived for members and outside ministry events not associated with Sugar Grove Church.

Communication Request

Go here for any church/ministry promotional needs.

Options include but not limited to:


Social Media



Online forms



Facility Maintenance Request

Building Issues, Needs, Repairs, etc.